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Group Facilitation

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What I do

Transform Individual Skills & help them Work Smart , Do Good & Live Well.
Facilitate members to work in a collaborative environment & Enhance Leadership Skills

Corporate Training

Training & Development of human assets should be an ongoing process with every organisation. Learning New skills, enhancing existing skills & instilling leadership qualities are some of the factors that have great impact on the growth & Image of the organisation. We Custom Develop Corporate Training Program to cater to the organisation specific Goals & Challenges

Workshop Seminars

Every individual need to strive for Development of his/her Personality & Professional Skills. Open forum workshops are the best place to educate and equip oneself with confidence, Grace & Peace.
We conduct frequent workshops on Varied Topics & Subjects of personal and professional development. 

Group Facilitation

In the Facilitation program, we focus on transforming the participants in a holistic manner. 

A Corporate Training Program that focuses on Enhancing skills in the personal, professional & Social areas. 

A Facilitation program is long term and application based learning. Hence it is Impactful and highly result oriented. 

Know More....

Please Feel free to connect with me for more on the program delivery methodology, impact and long term benefits of our trainings, workshops and facilitation programs. 

My program focuses on development of :

My story

Having put in nearly 20 years of life in the corporate working environment, the passion for training which was always a part of me instigated me to go out and transform peoples lives and skills. 

The knowledge accumulated from real life work experiences, self training through reading and the  craving to attend a variety of seminars and workshops gave enough tool to educate, train, facilitate and coach people. 

Over the last decade  numerous organisations and hundreds of people have  inspiringly transformed their productivity skills and attitude through our  Training and developing programs may it be  Corporate training , Facilitation Workshops , Seminars OR Personal Coaching. 

The Transformation that we see in the people are the real returns that every training cherishes. And I have been lucky enough to see and experience such transformations in participants during & after each sessions. (Please Refer Testimonials section)